HAPPY, HAPPY! A short time after Ziva was rescued--she got adopted the Schwantz's and their Greyhound named Roxie. They have a very tall fence!

Ziva and Carina on the ride back to the safety of the kennel.

Gillian and Ziva. Gillian is planning to look into Mudder contests as her next hobby!


SPECIAL REPORT (LUBBOCK, TX)--Early this afternoon, we heard from Ziva's foster family that she was in their backyard. The gates were closed so Ziva Houdini must have climbed or jumped the 6-foot fence. Volunteers arrived and the Taylor's had decided that she might be hiding under the playhouse at the back of the yard. Thankfully, Carina was able to see her since Ziva is black and it was quite dark under the house. Gillian somehow managed to get the leash on Ziva's martingale collar that was miraculously still on her. We had to coax Ziva out of her hiding place by running water under the house--the last time we had tried to bathe Ziva--she was not a fan of the water! 

Thanks so much to everyone's quick thinking, endurance, persistence, and remaining hopeful during this difficult two weeks. Ziva is not injured; she has lost some weight, and is very tired. She is at our rescue kennel until we can figure out a safe home environment for her. We are so happy!!