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Mailing Address

A Place for Us Greyhounds

PO Box 94681

Lubbock, Texas  79493

Send us an email at this link-


Director for all locations:

Linda Dunn, 806-787-8530

Email messages are preferred for non-urgent situations. If it is a Greyhound Emergency--please call and leave a voice mail if no one answers. (Linda is using a spam app on her phone at this time.)  You are also welcome to send a text message to Linda.

Let us hear from you!

To adopt one of our Greyhounds--

All applicants are considered and persons living in or near Lubbock, are given first preference.  Additional areas at this time include any location-providing there is a way to do a "virtual" home visit, the distance is reasonable, and good resources for Greyhound owners are available. The group has placed dogs in numerous locations since is re-organized in 2008). In most cases, the new owner will need to come to Lubbock to pick up their dog or at least meet part-way. During the pandemic, a case-by-case basis is in effect. Send an inquiry or apply to adopt-we do not charge a processing fee.

If you have found a Greyhound or sighthound wearing one of our group's id tags, please contact us immediately.

If you have knowledge of a Greyhound or sighthound in peril (loose on the streets, on Craigslist, in a shelter, in an abusive situation, etc), please contact us--we want to help.

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