We are happy to adopt to the following locations since volunteers are now available to do home visits and mentor new families:  in Texas--Abilene, Big Spring, Lubbock, Amarillo, Canyon, San Angelo, Seminole, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, El Paso, McCamey, Monahans, and Fort Stockton. In New Mexico--Albuquerque, Clovis, Hobbs, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces.

Available soon--Slatex Lotus. Leo is not cat-safe. Watch for pics and more updates. Update--Leo is back in racing school to see if his toe injury will prevent him from racing--most recently, he wasn't limping and the trial time will see if the turns on the practice track re-aggravate this injury and/or slow him down. It will take a few weeks to discern his readiness for the race track--or not--at this point he could go either way. For now, we are just waiting to see...


Helping the Lurchers...

Max was rescued from the Lubbock Shelter--his DNA is 50% Bozoi, 37.5% Saluki, and 12.5% Mixed Breed. He has recovered from his scary GI issues and is ready to have his neuter. Max should be available for adoption during April. We have had lots of inquiries--first preference will be given to families that are located in areas that APFUG has adopted to in the past.  Also, we have no idea if he can live with cats and small dogs--we will try and get that figured out...

Help us help the Greyhounds!

Meet Our Adoptable Greyhounds

‚ÄčAt A Place for Us Greyhounds, we are dedicated to finding the best fit for the Greyhound and the adoptive family or individual. The online application is the first step to help us understand your needs and current situation. Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you are hesitant to go ahead with the application or require additional information. Keep in mind that persons who have submitted an application and have scheduled a home visit get first preference as Greyhounds become available. Click here for the online adoption application and please contact us if you prefer a printed application.

Adoption Application

Meet Maggie who raced as Slatex Magnesium. Follow the link to view her history. She has had lots of puppies and during this past year we found homes for two of them including Slatex Firefox and Slatex Ditchwich. Maggie is doing well in foster care. She will be available for adoption as soon as she has her spay.

Patch was found in a very perilous situation, near Odessa. He's on the mend and the folks in the Permian Basin will let us know when he is ready for adoption! He is smaller, at about 44 pounds, and young. He is great with children and a snuggler. DNA results--Patch is 100% Whippet. The volunteers that are fostering him and taking him for his medical care are doing a wonderful job--hats off to the crew in the Permian Basin--Linda, Pam, and Jennifer. Hooray....


Slatex Twitter was renamed Nala. Here is the link to her pedigree--she is a "racing school drop-out". Nala has been adopted and lives in El Paso, with Renee and Evelyn. She is their first Greyhound and they have already asked us to try and find them another one to add to their family. Awesome!!!

puppy love: starring tessa and odie

A family that acquired these puppies via a Craigslist ad this past December contacted us saying that they were unable to keep them. We believe that they are Salukis and will send off DNA tests to be sure. They are doing very well; but unavailable for adoption until they are fully immunized. Since we are opposed to pediatric spays and neuters--they will be adopted "in area" and will have those surgeries done at an appropriate age. Their estimated birth-dates are

October 25, 2017.

Brandy Jean had some adjustment issues that surfaced when she moved in with the family in New Mexico. For now, she is back in Lubbock as we want to help her overcome her fears and concerns. At this point, we plan to work with her using several techniques to help her become more self-assured and trusting. We are also testing her DNA. We will keep you posted! 

Be sure and send in your adoption application!

Due to increased interest, we actually have a waiting list--it's a short one but still...


Thanks to Roxanne McDaniel for doing Nala's photo shoot