We were so upset to find out that Stella has a Heartworm infection. The x-rays indicated some damage to her heart and lungs. We plan to try and put some weight on her by increasing her supplemental feedings and also restricting activity. She is so sweet and we have all fallen in love with her. Stella was relinquished by an area "hunter". If things go as planned, she will get the more aggressive type of Heartworm treatment during August. We will keep you posted. Come out the the Kennel and give her some hugs!

Sierragot adopted and her new name is Pickles. She has certainly made herself at home with the Koch family and best of all--Pickles has a Lurcher sister named G.G. Outstanding!

Pickles' DNA results were: 62.5% Saluki and 37.5% Greyhound. Her new sister, G.G. is a Greyhound and Red Heeler Mix that was adopted from the Ohio Lurcher Project.

Two racers have retired. Slatex Marissa was adopted moved to the ABQ area. Slatex Cassia is in foster care. Both of them have been diagnosed with Pannus--that is in the early stages, and already under treatment. Here is a link about Pannus.


As soon as Slatex Daytona's puppies are weaned--she will move to foster care.  Daytona has Pannus. She is a lovely and wonderful dog. We will keep you posted!

This is Frida--she was relinquished by area hunters. Frida is at the rescue kennel and has not been tested with small dogs or cats. She is a very nice and self-assured dog--only about 3-4 years old. DNA results were: 87.5% Greyhound and 12.5% Borzoi.

Be sure and send in your adoption application!

Due to increased interest, we actually have a waiting list--it's a short one but still...


Ellie and Bongo were sprung from the Tulia Animal Shelter. They are doing well at our rescue kennel and we will keep you posted. We believe that Emma and Ellie are sisters. Bongo might be kin to Winston and  Margaret (renamed Heidi) since they are from the same town. Tulia, Texas is a very bad environment for Sighthounds as they have been bred to hunt and abused for several generations by three families that lack resources and knowledge about providing basic care for dogs. The Tulia animal control officer is a wonderful gentleman and we so appreciate his help. 

We are happy to adopt to the following locations since volunteers are now available to do home visits and mentor new families:  in Texas--Abilene, Big Spring, Lubbock, Amarillo, Canyon, San Angelo, Seminole, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, El Paso, McCamey, Monahans, and Fort Stockton. In New Mexico--Albuquerque, Clovis, Portales, Hobbs, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces.

It's official--Slatex Cassia got adopted and moved to El Paso. Her new name is Eloise. A lovely name for a lovely and lucky Greyhound...she is pictured here with her new family--The Stetson's.


Helping the Lurchers...

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Meet Our Adoptable Greyhounds

‚ÄčAt A Place for Us Greyhounds, we are dedicated to finding the best fit for the Greyhound and the adoptive family or individual. The online application is the first step to help us understand your needs and current situation. Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you are hesitant to go ahead with the application or require additional information. Keep in mind that persons who have submitted an application and have scheduled a home visit get first preference as Greyhounds become available. Click here for the online adoption application and please contact us if you prefer a printed application.

Adoption Application

A family that acquired these puppies via a Craigslist ad this past December contacted us saying that they were unable to keep them. The puppies originated from Tulia, Texas. DNA RESULTS IDENTICAL--they are definitely litter-mates and the results are 50% Greyhound, 37.5% Saluki, and 12.5% Mixed Breed. Odie has been adopted-he moved to Fort Worth and two days later Tessa got adopted and moved to Clovis!

Brandy Jean originated in San Angelo and her DNA results: 50% Greyhound, 12.5% American Staffordshire Terrier, and 37.5% Mixed Breed that includes Sighthound, Terrier, Companion, and Herding. It looks as if she and Princess Leia were from the same litter or pack of hunters. Brandy is fearful in new situations--she will do best in a quiet home with a family that can help her during an adjustment period. She is most comfortable with dogs close to her own size that she can run and play with. Brandy J is one of the most athletic dogs we have seen--she's powerful and fast. Her age is estimated to be 3-4 years old.

Frankie was relinquished due to family difficulties. We had rescued him in 2017, when he was found out running loose in the rural area near Floydada. He is a wonderful dog that was bred to hunt. Frankie is two-years old and most likely a Greyhound/Saluki mix. He has moved to a foster with intent home and he is doing very well!

Emma's DNA results were 87.5% Greyhound and 12.5%Saluki. Her coat is longer but her body-type is sturdier--like a Greyhound.   She is sweet and is truly thriving after her spay and comprehensive treatment for two types of tick fever.  Emma was rescued from the Tulia animal shelter and her estimated age is 3-4 years old. She has not been tested with cats and small dogs.