As June 10th--there were only a small number of Greyhounds on the farm that raises them to race. If any of these dogs are not suitable to go to the racetrack-we will put them into our adoption program. We will keep you posted.

Eileen adopted Ringo. He now lives in Austin and we are so happy. His new momma is no stranger to sighthounds--in her past, she has known and loved over a dozen of them. We were so happy to hear from her and even happier when she asked to adopt from our group. Ringo is Eileen's first Lurcher! Outstanding...

Mark and Anne met Sabrina and promptly took her back home to Odessa! She is the third Greyhound they have adopted from APFUG. Chase--the Greyhound standing with Mark gave his seal of approval. Her new name is Charley!

"Lookin' for a home!"

Love, Venus

To learn more about Venus, Kennedy, Freedom, and Tex--follow this link.

Tex says, "I may not be 100% Sight-hound--but I am most definitely 100% Love!!"

Orzo was fostered and then promptly adopted by Tyler and Cecily--less than 2 weeks after he moved in! They live in a small town near Lubbock and took a leap of faith--taking this big boy home with them. He adjusted quickly and is 85 pounds of love and fun! Cecily admitted that she had never met a Greyhound before. Isn't that something? We were more than happy to be sure she met this sweet boy. Outstanding!!

Kennedy-the puppy here. "I would love to move in and grow up with you!"

Follow this link for a short summary of the dogs in our adoption program-it's mobile friendly!

                                    Adoption fees increased on April 1, 2021

The Jeffery family drove from Socorro, NM to adopt Junie. We were so grateful. Junie wasn't very happy at the rescue kennel and has thrived under their loving care.


Daniel and Lauren have adopted Juno!

Her racing name is GLS Ethelemuggs

Freedom is happy to report that he is negative for heartworms and positive for LOVE!

Liz and Paul were undeterred by a horrific wind storm and drove to Lubbock from Las Cruces to meet all the adoptable dogs. They chose Peyton and took him home on St. Patrick's Day--a very lucky day for everyone!

Wow--would you look at that? Jennifer and Todd adopted Austin (he is pictured next to Todd). Winston is next to Jennifer and was adopted in 2020. Both of the Greyhounds were rescued from Tulia, both of them are 6-years old, and even though they aren't related as Jennifer said they are doppelgangers--well, except for Austin's wonky ears!!

Dilia adopted Boston on April 20th! Happy days ahead...

The Montes family adopted AnnaBelle--they've renamed her Riley. She is an interesting mixture of several breeds of sighthounds--a total Love Bug--and adorable!!

Poppy--a young Lurcher (DNA pending) that had "no prey drive" was relinquished to the group by a hunter. She set an all-time record and was pre-adopted just one week after we put her into the adoption program! Yay for Poppy--happy days ahead.

The covid-19 pandemic has affected our ability to do home visits and adopt out-of-town. Please continue to stay in touch and send in your applications. I will personally contact each and every inquiry and we will collaborate about the best and safest way to proceed. We are doing "virtual home visits" and this seems to be working very well.  We are asking for applicants to come to Lubbock to meet and pick up their dog, in most cases. Testing for cat and/or miniature dog safety has gotten more complicated and if homes emerge that do not have small dogs/cats--they will get first preference.

*The group will continue to handle any emergency issues related to dogs in peril-even if it requires traveling outside our area. Thank you for understanding. Feel free to contact me by phone or email. Stay safe, healthy, and strong!  Linda Dunn, Director in Lubbock

And just like that...Slatex Nola moved off the farm, found a family, got adopted, and moved to Wichita Falls. Hooray for Nola (renamed Midnight) and pictured with Jennifer, Mr. Bubbles, Harley, and Craig. What a splendid family--we are so happy!!

Help us help the Greyhounds and Lurchers!

Meet Our Adoptable Greyhounds

Adopting from A Place for Us Greyhounds--it's easy as 1-2-3...

1. Do your research and decide if a Greyhound is a good fit for you and your family. Review the FAQ's page and check reliable online sites.

2. Send an inquiry or submit an adoption application via the online application. You can expect to hear back from the director within 1-2 days.

3. Applicants will be asked to participate in a home visit or virtual home visit. This is the final step to approve your application. Once that step is completed--the search will begin to find a dog that will fit well with your family and lifestyle.