When we were notified that Eliza was in the Tulia animal shelter, we were there the next day to to pick her up. She seemed remarkably okay--but was the most malnourished dog we had gotten in awhile. She was dewormed immediately and put in a nice warm kennel.

Bailey Rose


Ellie and Bongo were rescued from the Tulia Animal Shelter. Follow the link to learn more about these sweet Lurchers! 

If you live within a 100-mile radius of Lubbock, we can easily work with you. Also,we are happy to adopt to the following locations since volunteers are now available to do home visits and mentor new families:  in Texas--Abilene, Big Spring, Lubbock, Amarillo, Canyon, San Angelo, Seminole, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, El Paso, McCamey, Monahans, and Fort Stockton. In New Mexico--Albuquerque, Clovis, Portales, Hobbs, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces. Most recently--Colorado Springs, Colorado...

Slatex Marco is a very gentle and sweet dog. He is good on the leash and has a nice demeanor. GREYT NEWS--Marco moved to ABQ on December 16th, we are so happy and excited!


Helping the Lurchers...


Slatex Diamond is doing well in foster care. Her new name is Gemma. This sweet broodie has worked hard--racing and having several litters of puppies. Her last litter was born on June 1st. One of her pups, born in 2013, is the lovely and shy Greyhound named George--and his family is also fostering Gemma! How cool is that?


Bongo enjoys a day at the park-photos courtesy Roxanne McDaniel Photography

Leo is a 3-year old Greyhound mix that was rescued from the Tulia animal shelter on December 27th. He has done remarkably well--and has recovered nicely. Leo has such a sweet presence and demeanor. We asked a nice family in ABQ to consider adopting him--he will be their first Greyhound and live in a very trendy part of town that features artists. Leo will move to ABQ on February 1st--we are so thrilled and excited for this lovely and sweet dog.

What could have been a tragic ending to this story--is a "to be continued" as Eliza is getting stronger every day. She had an enormous load of worms and Anaplasmosis. She's eating like a champ and we expect she will continue to gain weight, become stronger, and before you know it--be ready to move into her "forever home". Yay for Eliza and all the hard-working volunteers and medical staff that are helping this sweet dog.

Warning-this story has a happy ending.....

Help us help the Greyhounds!

Meet Our Adoptable Greyhounds


Brandy Jean originated in San Angelo and her DNA results: 50% Greyhound, 12.5% American Staffordshire Terrier, and 37.5% Mixed Breed that includes Sighthound, Terrier, Companion, and Herding. Brandy is fearful in new situations--she will do best in a quiet home with a family that can help her during an adjustment period. She is most comfortable with dogs close to her own size that she can run and play with. Brandy J is one of the most athletic dogs we have seen--she's powerful and fast. Her estimated age is 5 years old. She has become our "Jasmine" at the rescue kennel as she welcomes the newcomers and challenges them to a run in the yard. (The original Jasmine was also surrogate to all kinds of critters and it's a sweet and true story.)We love Brandy  J...


Be sure and send in your adoption application!

Due to increased interest, we actually have a waiting list--it's a short one but still...

We are so happy to announce that Cooper got adopted by Grace on January 10th. Such a wonderful outcome for both of them and we are so grateful and happy!

Bailey Rose is making excellent progress--in just 2 short weeks, she is letting us leash her up for turn-outs in the yard, not as fearful of the leash, and enjoying being with the other dogs at the kennel. She's a love!

‚ÄčAt A Place for Us Greyhounds, we are dedicated to finding the best fit for the Greyhound and the adoptive family or individual. The online application is the first step to help us understand your needs and current situation. Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you are hesitant to go ahead with the application or require additional information. Keep in mind that persons who have submitted an application and have scheduled a home visit get first preference as Greyhounds become available. Click here for the online adoption application and please contact us if you prefer a printed application.

Adoption Application

Eliza goes to the doctor

Available Soon--Hunter

...who actually originated from local "hunters" and ironically, was deemed unsuitable for hunting! He is young and will turn 2-years old in June. Hunter is doing very well, he has had his neuter and should be ready to move in to a home by mid-February.  He has not been tested with cats or small dogs, but he gets along well with all the Greyhounds. Hunter will be a wonderful addition to most families. We tested his DNA and he is 75% Greyhound and 25% Saluki. He is 100% LOVE...


Bailey Rose has been through a terrible time after she was abandoned by hunters in the rural area near Kress, TX. She wandered up to a farmhouse and a loving, caring family kept her fed and warm. She was so scared and unsocialized; she wouldn't let them touch her or catch her. Finally, they trapped her in a crate and asked our group for help. She is young, she is scared--but she's going to be okay! APFUG is so grateful that we were asked to help. This pic was taken on Bailey's first day at the kennel-January 14, 2019.

FINALLY, Stella is feeling better and she has had her spay. Basically, she is move-in ready! Since Stella was diagnosed with a heartworm infection-she will always need to take her monthly preventative-on-time and never missing a dose. But, we expect that all of our adopted dogs are getting that consideration. It is so scary to have a dog with this horrible disease. If you are unfamiliar--please follow this link to learn more heartworm infections. Stella had 2 doses of Immiticide, in August. We have not tested Stella for safety with small dogs and/or cats--but we are happy to set that up. Stella was relinquished by a hunter to the adoption group. She actively hunted rabbits and coyotes for several years-she is 6-7 years old.

She is Bella's sister and their DNA results were 75% Greyhound and 25% Saluki.