ADOPT STELLA--she is move-in ready! Since Stella was diagnosed with a heartworm infection and had two doses of Immiticide, in August--which cured her of the infection. Her bloodwork to check for anemia and organ function was all normal--she is healthy and happy and lots of fun!

We have not tested Stella for safety with small dogs and/or cats--but we are happy to set that up. Stella was relinquished by a hunter to the adoption group. She actively hunted rabbits and coyotes for several years-she is 6-7 years old.

She is Bella's sister and their DNA results were 75% Greyhound and 25% Saluki.

A family in El Paso has adopted Slatex AnnieBell. The Stufflebeam's sent us this adorable pic of AnnieB and her new boyfriend-Toby!

Brandy Jean originated in San Angelo and her DNA results: 50% Greyhound, 12.5% American Staffordshire Terrier, and 37.5% Mixed Breed that includes Sighthound, Terrier, Companion, and Herding. Brandy is fearful in new situations--she will do best in a quiet home with a family that can help her during an adjustment period. She is most comfortable with dogs close to her own size that she can run and play with. Brandy J is one of the most athletic dogs we have seen--she's powerful and fast. Her estimated age is 5 years old. She has become our "Jasmine" at the rescue kennel as she welcomes the newcomers and challenges them to a run in the yard. (The original Jasmine was also surrogate to all kinds of critters and it's a sweet and true story.)We love Brandy  J...

GREYT NEWS--Eliza has been pre-adopted! She will move to New Mexico in 2 weeks. Stay tuned for updates--we are so happy for Eliza and her new hound-mom--Beverly! 

Bailey Rose


MAISIE GOT ADOPTED and her new name is Daisy. She isn't a Lurcher-she is 100% Greyhound. We were able to read her tattoos and her racing name is Kiowa Ducan. She was in the Tulia Animal Shelter and was either sold or traded to hunters that live there. Her birthday is July 11, 2014 and we are so happy that she found a home with the Williams family--Judy and Denny, from Odessa. Daisy's nickname is the Cookie Monster--she counter surfed and scored about 1/2 package of cookies. These Greyhounds are so amusiing....



has been adopted!

We shot a quick pic of him before his transport to Edgewood, NM. He was adopted by Thea and Rob and their 2 sweet dogs-Lucy, the Lurcher and Tesla-a Ridgeback. Hunter will lead a life of excitement traveling with his new family as they enjoy the RV life. We are so happy!

Be sure and send in your adoption application!

Due to increased interest, we actually have a waiting list--it's a short one but still...

Available now--Cole

We got his DNA back and he is 50% Greyhound, 25% Whippet, 12.5% American Bulldog, and 12.5% Corgi. He was rescued from the Abilene, TX animal shelter. Cole is only about 2-years old--he is in good health and doing better on the leash. We have not tested him with small dogs or cats. He's lots of fun--he will play fetch and is very athletic! 


Bear, Jr was rescued in the Abilene area. We believe he is part-sighthound and have sent off his DNA. His health is not good--he is horribly anemic and required a blood transfusion. We are still working with our veterinarians to get him stabilized and ready for adoption--we anticipate at least 2 months under our care before we can adopt him to a foster or forever home. He is young--he is stable--he is a wonderful and lovely dog. We are so happy to be able to help him and we will keep everyone posted!


Cecilia--nickname CeCi was rescued off of the streets of Lubbock. She is very thin and somewhat tentative. Her doctor's appointment will likely reveal tick fever. We believe she is mostly Saluki and less than 5-years old. No doubt, she was abandoned, neglected, and forgotten by local hunters who did not search for her or report her as missing. We think she will make an awesome pet for some lucky family. Stay tuned....

Andrew and Kat drove all the way from Clovis to pick up Slatex Blondie. She was adopted and had an instant brother named Rally who had raced as TB's Premium Rush. Rally is the one with the bandana on--he's so sweet and we know Blondie is in good hands!

Oakleigh is a sweet and neglected Lurcher who was rescued off of the streets of Lubbock during February. Her DNA verifies that she is 50% Greyhound and 50% Saluki. She has moved to the Hill Country and is adjusting to living in a home and being part of a family.

Ellie is move-in ready! She is a spirited, young, and lovely Lurcher. Her DNA is 87.5% Greyhound and 12.5% Saluki. She has blossomed into a beautiful dog with a sleek, shiny coat-it's a bit wiry--very distinctive. You should see her quads--wow, she is in such great shape! Excellent leash manners and a bit of a snuggler.

Please bear with us as we try to get good pics of Ellie--either she is post-run and looks like a giant tongue--or she is charging at your camera expecting you to pet her! She is so funny and we love her....

Bailey Rose is making excellent progress--She is now letting us leash her up for turn-outs in the yard, not as fearful of the leash, and enjoying being with the other dogs at the kennel. She's a love!  We anticipate that she would be ready for a home sometime during the month of May

There are several reasons why we believe that Bailey is so tentative. First, she was left behind by hunters in the Kress area and thankfully, a nice family fed her and kept her safe until she could be captured. Also, she is terribly young and has had very few life experiences. We suspect she was just kept in a pen with other dogs and never got attention or affection from her owners. Bailey Rose is trying to figure out her new world--she is making good progress...

Sadie got adopted in record time! She had only been on our Facebook page a few days and the McNabb's nabbed her--haha! Sadie is pictured with Heather and Matt who drove to Lubbock from Borger, to pick up this sweet dog. Sadie was rescued from the Tulia animal shelter.

If you live within a 100-mile radius of Lubbock, we can easily work with you. Also,we are happy to adopt to the following locations since volunteers are now available to do home visits and mentor new families:  in Texas--Abilene, Big Spring, Lubbock, Amarillo, Canyon, San Angelo, Seminole, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, El Paso, McCamey, Monahans, and Fort Stockton. In New Mexico--Albuquerque, Clovis, Portales, Hobbs, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces. Most recently--Colorado Springs, Colorado...

Luna was rescued from a rest stop near Stratford, TX. We believe she is no more than 3-years old and has recently had puppies. Her DNA is pending but we're betting she is part-Deerhound. She's a love and looking for a foster or forever home. We aren't very confident that she will be cat-safe--but we are happy to test her.


Helping the Lurchers...

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