look at this beautiful Dog and.....

Imagine her loose on the streets. So scary and sad. Tiger Lily was loose in a neighborhood for over a week and a caring family captured her in a crate using food,patience, and persistence. We were so happy when they contacted us and asked our group to take her into our adoption program. Precious T. Lily was so traumatized and literally "feral" from her ordeal.

Slowly, we gained her trust and under the expert care of her foster Mom, Sasha, T. Lily is now happily interacting with strangers, going for jaunts in the park, enjoying car-rides, using the doggy door, is house-trained, and enjoying cuddling and pet-pets. We are in awe at the transformation and cannot begin to thank our foster family for the work they have done with this sweet dog. We did her DNA and her background is 62.5% Greyhound and 37.5% Saluki.

Tiger Lily got adopted and moved to El Paso to live the Mondello's and with Edgar--another Lurcher that the group saved from an animal shelter, in 2015.  We are just thrilled and awed at this outcome and all of the folks who have helped us along the way. We want to acknowledge Sandy Reed at Lollipop Kennel who took T. Lily in on short notice, the family that saved her--Freddy and Sara Torrez, and her awesome foster home--puppy trainer--Sasha Protopova and her husband, Roman. 

Tiger Lily--wow!