Dylan was also in an abusive situation. He is trying so hard to be brave and strong! Dylan is in good health. We think he might be okay with smaller dogs, possibly cats, too. He is so lovely and needs a loving person or family to call his own. At only 3-4 years old-his whole future lies ahead! Immediately available for adoption... (UPDATE--Dylan is going for weekend visits with one of the volunteers. He is shy and startles easily--but does well in the home. He enjoys the crate and is doing well with house-training. Outstanding!!)

Kacey was relinquished by a local hunter. She had a litter of puppies in October. She was bred to race and the hunter who had purchased her from her breeders decided against having additional litters from her. We were thankful to get her. She is just FABULOUS! So loving and caring and fun and outgoing! Kacey hasbeen adopted! Here is the link to her racing pedigree.

Daisy is in foster care and she is doing well recovering from her fractured leg. The metal plate that corrected the fracture will be removed in March and after that, we expect she will be available for adoption.

Ringo got adopted and moved to Austin. He wanted to let all of you know he is enjoying his new and exciting life. He has a Whippet sister named Maeve and a wonderful human named Eileen--and an entire community of sighthound lovers that are showing him the ropes!



Willow has been adopted!


Doc was neglected and in an abusive situation. He has shown some improvement-but still struggles in new situations. Are you patient and willing to bring him out of his shell? You will never regret helping this lovely young dog and he will be your lifelong friend. Doubtful cat and small dog safe. He will do best with a fenced yard. Available immediately for adoption.

Sabrina-racing name Slatex Seven has a family! Mark and Anne have renamed her Charley--and she is pictured with them and her new big bro'--Chase. Mark and Anne have adopted from our group since 2013. Here is the link to Chase's pedigree. They also provided a loving home for Slatex Misty-who recently passed away after having a stroke. We are so happy to have dedicated and loving homes for our wonderful dogs!




Venus was rescued off the streets of Lubbock during December. The veterinarian believed she is 4-5 years old and had had lots of puppies over the years. Her DNA results are in! She has gained weight and her spay has been scheduled. She should be ready for a home in the near future!



Peyton is young and was rescued after a dramatic rescue, in Lubbock. He is tentative in new situations. His prey drive seems to be on the lower side. He would thrive with a person or family that can spend time with him and build up his confidence-we think he would be happiest in a home with another dog to play with and we do not plan to place him in a home that does not have a fenced yard. He is so sweet and loving! Peyton is immediately available for adoption.



Harper has been adopted!

Freedom is doing well--he had his second heartworm treatment on September 24. He should be ready to move in during March, if you'd like to adopt him. (We have set his adoption at March--based on rechecking his heartworm test. It all depends on where you live and about your willingness to adopt him before the test is rechecked.)He responds well to love and reassurance since Freedom is still a bit unsure in new situations. We think he has a medium prey drive and would not mind being an only dog. He is lovely and will make a good companion.

Boston is available for adoption. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting her. She is a Greyhound/Saluki mix and about 4-years old.