Dogs that need homes

Freedom-In good health-finally! Devoted and loving attitude. Has not been tested around small dogs or cats. He actively hunted before his rescue. Age-4-5 years old and he weighs 70 pounds. 

Tex--he lived in a home for almost 2 years. His family fell on hard times and relinquished him. He has lived with a small female dog (Schnauzer) and younger children. In excellent health-he weighs 85 pounds. Age estimated at 3-years old. He has not been tested with cats.

Austin--A full-blooded Greyhound that last raced in 2017. His whereabouts since 2017 is undocumented. He has a very high prey drive--he cannot live in a home with cats, small dogs, or young children. He weighs 83 pounds and his health is much improved. He is loving and would make a devoted companion.

Venus--Her "cosmetic surgery" to remove the skin tag went well--we are continuing her medical care for a few more days to be sure her blood work is okay. Venus is a Greyhound/Saluki mix. Her age is believed to be 5-years old. We have not tested her with small dogs or cats--her prior life included hunting rabbits and possibly coyotes. Venus weighs 48 pounds. 

Daisy--Her leg fracture is healed up. She is a very nervous dog and becomes frightened in new situations. We are trying to help her overcome these issues. Daisy exhibits a healthy prey drive--she didn't race due to a mild malformation of her back leg muscle. She weighs 60 pounds and will turn 2-years old in June. She needs additional socialization before she can move into a home.

Boston has been adopted

Tallulah has been pre-adopted.

Slatex Tallulah was bred to race. She didn't have the focus and drive to be successful so she is retiring at a young age. A very nice couple has pre-adopted Tallulah!

Huge thanks to Ethan and all the other families that have adopted from APFUG and are serving in the military!

Daisy is in foster care and she is doing well recovering from her fractured leg. The metal plate that corrected the fracture was removed on March 18. She is on restricted activities for a month to assure proper bone healing.


We believe Tex was the offspring of a family's un-spayed farm dog and an errant Sighthound that jumped their fence! At only 4-years old, this sweet Lurcher has had a few bumps in his road-found loose in the Lubbock area in 2018, lived in a home with a family that moved to a rental that wouldn't accept his size, and recently relinquished. We want to make his life better--he is very loving--we think he could make your life better, too!


Tex Touring the Farm.

Notice of Adoption Fees Effective April 1, 2021

Full Blooded Greyhounds-$350


Special Needs Dogs-$200

Venus was rescued off the streets of Lubbock during December. The veterinarian believed she is 4-5 years old and had lots of puppies over the years. Her DNA results are in! She has had her spay. The skin tag was removed. We are giving her some additional antibiotics and will let you know how her follow-up visit turns out.

Austin is a full-blooded Greyhound that was rescued during the 2021 Arctic Blast. He is doing remarkably well--has had his neuter, taken antibiotics for tick fever, and put on some weight. He is so loving--whenever we take him to the veterinary clinic--he is fairly certain the reason is to get pet-pets and affection from any and everyone he sees! 

The ideal home for him is one where he can have lots of affection, short walks, and a nice yard to lounge and take sunbaths in. He will appreciate you and love you forever. Here is the link to his racing history--he will turn 6-years old in May. He is a big boy--83 pounds at his last checkup.



Freedom is doing well--He is now Heartworm Negative--the treatment eradicated the heartworms--wohoo! He responds well to love and reassurance, is good on the leash, and enjoys car-rides. We have noticed that Freedom is still a bit unsure in new situations--he needs someone to help him become more secure and at ease. We think he has a medium prey drive and would not mind being an only dog. He is lovely and will make a good companion. Contact us today to set up an appointment to meet Freedom! 

Boston has been adopted.  She will moved to ABQ on April 20th.