Dogs that need homes

Freedom-In good health-finally! Devoted and loving attitude. He has not been tested around small dogs or cats. He actively hunted before his rescue. Age-4-5 years old and he weighs 70 pounds. 

Tex--he lived in a home for almost 2 years. His family fell on hard times and relinquished him. He has lived with a small female dog (Schnauzer) and younger children. In excellent health-he weighs 85 pounds. Age is estimated at 3-years old. He has not been tested with cats.

Layla--A full-blooded Saluki believed to be about 3-years old. Her health is good--she is ready for adoption. Layla has not been tested with cats or small dogs. She weighs 45 pounds. 

Sally--She is a Greyhound/Saluki mix that was found out loose in the rural area near Lubbock. Her age is estimated at 1-2 years old. We do not believe she is safe to live with small dogs or cats. Her medical care is up-to-date and we would like to find her a home.

Sunshine--has been pre-adopted!

Remy--born on June 9, 2021 and recently relinquished by the hunter that bred him. He's healthy and sweet.

Remy was born on June 6, 2021. His breeder decided to relinquish him to our group. Remy is already about 40 pounds! He is very healthy and will make a lovely pet for some lucky family. Please send in your application. We will give first preference to families that have adopted from us in the past. We already found a home for his sister--her name is Willow.

Sally is doing lots better. She was treated for tick fever, worms, and external parasites. She is young and we estimate her age at 2-3 years old. Her spay was done and she is looking for a home with a fenced yard so she can take sunbaths and short runs. Sally has actively hunted and shows evidence of a healthy prey drive. We do not expect she could live safely with small dogs or cats. She weighs 54 pounds. 

Sally is very affectionate and outgoing. She prefers people over dogs--she is one of the rare ones that does not need a canine pack--just human love and affection-a stable home and calm environment.

We believe Tex is the offspring of a family's un-spayed farm dog and an errant Sighthound that jumped their fence! At only 4-years old, this sweet Lurcher has had a few bumps in his road-found loose in the Lubbock area in 2018, lived in a home with a family that moved to a rental that wouldn't accept his size, and recently relinquished. We want to make his life better--he is very loving--we think he could make your life better, too! 

Tex is a versatile dog since he has lived with a family that included a teenager and a 6-year old, got along well with their small dog, has been house-trained, and crate-trained. He is great on the leash and loves to run around the turn-out yard taking a dip in the wading pool when he's done!

We think he might be a good personal support or service dog. He loves car rides, is affectionate, and outgoing with strangers. If he does live in the home with another dog--we believe a female dog is a good match.


Notice of Adoption Fees Effective April 1, 2021

Full Blooded Greyhounds-$350


Special Needs Dogs-$200

Willow is one lucky puppy! She was adopted less than a week after her breeder relinquished her and as a wonderful bonus--she has two adorable Whippet brothers to play with. Outstanding!


Layla was rescued from Tulia--many thanks to the animal control officer who trapped her. Surprisingly, she is a full-blooded Saluki.  We believe she is 3-4 years old. Her health is much improved and she is ready for adoption. Her nature is shy and she is nervous--probably from being loose for two weeks before getting trapped or possibly from her heritage. We would recommend a tall fence since Salukis are very agile and although she hasn't demonstrated her jumping skills--it's good to be cautious. She is smaller and under 50 pounds. She is good on the leash and we hope to improve her confidence by taking her for longer walks. She is smitten with Freedom--a kind and sweet male dog would be a good companion for her in her future home. She is too shy to do well as an "only dog".

Here is a cute pic of Sunshine thanking Terry for transporting her to Lubbock. GREYT NEWS--Sunshine has a new family waiting to adopt her as soon as she recovers from her spay! Woohoo



Freedom is doing well--He is now Heartworm Negative--the treatment eradicated the heartworms--wohoo! He responds well to love and reassurance, is good on the leash, and enjoys car-rides. We have noticed that Freedom is still a bit unsure in new situations--he needs someone to help him become more secure and at ease. We think he has a medium prey drive and would not mind being an only dog-he does seem to enjoy female dogs--males not so much! He is lovely and will make a good companion. Contact us today to set up an appointment to meet Freedom!