Dogs that need homes

Bromley--raced in Australia. He is in the prime of his life and needs a home. He's a self-assured dog with a high prey drive--and lots of love to give.

Anna-Suzanna--was captured out loose near a small town in the Permian Basin. She is socially awkward due to her background. But, this little hound is very affectionate once she trusts you. She walks right beside her human and seeks out affection in between running laps in the turn-out yard. We believe she is two-years old.  She is smaller, weighing about 50 pounds. 

Willie-He was born on June 6, 2023. He is a lovable puppy who needs a family and home to call his own. 

Stefanos-- was rescued along with five other dogs in a terrible living situation. He wasn't being fed or given water. Despite that, he's full of love and promise.

Scottie-- another victim to the severe neglect case--but he's all healed up and healthy. All he needs is a loving home!

Beckham-- This funny dog--yet another rescue from the animal neglect case--has a goofy personality. He's never met a stranger and is waiting for more opportunities to get out and about and be your new best friend!

Beckham is only 2-years old. He's healthy, has a wonderful attitude, and playful spirit. He was rescued from a neglectful situation--but those days are behind him. If you adopt Beckham--you will have a GREYT companion and loving friend to share your days! Contact us today to learn more about this sweet boy and see if he'd be a good fit for your home and family.

Anna-Suzanna was rescued in 2022,  in the oilfields outside of Midland, TX. She was abandoned by a hunter who did not respond to our pleas for help with rescuing her and another Lurcher that he left behind. After several stressful days, she finally allowed APFUG volunteers to capture her. Sadly, her male companion was hit by a truck and didn't make it. We believe she was living in a pack with several sighthounds and was not socialized. Her progress has been slower in that area due to her past life circumstances. And she was only 1-year old when she was rescued.

She is such a beautiful Lurcher--wow--like a supermodel! Here are the things that make her happy--playing with toys in the turn-out yard, running fast in concentric circles until she has tired out her toy, picking it up, and running again. She is somewhat happy to get pet-pets and walks quietly by your side when she is taking leash walks. She does not seem to be afraid of people--but as with any dog from an unusual background--slow introductions and more mature personalities are a plus. She is less concerned with other dogs that are in her vicinity. In the past, she would snark at them--but now, she seems unconcerned about dogs in the adjoining yard. We'd like to think she is "growing up". She finally looks like a mature sight-hound and not a leggy colt! After all, she is 2-years old now. 

If you are willing and able to be patient and help Anna-Suzanna as she continues to develop a sense of trust and learn of the happiness that would be hers in a home of her own--she will reward you for years to come. She has lots of potential and we know the perfect home is out there for this beautiful and young dog.

Bromley has come a long way--both literally since he hails from Australia and figuratively as he is figuring out his role in life as a retired racer. He has a very impressive prey drive. We respect that and want to place him in a home where he can succeed and be happy. We will not consider placing Bromley in a home with cats, small dogs, and/or young children. He needs firm leadership, structured family life, and healthy exercise such as walks and romps in the yard. Here is the link to his racing history. Bromley's racing history.

Stefanos is charming and fun! He's young--only about 2-years old. He has a good attitude and gets along with the dogs at the rescue kennel. Stefanos is healthy and resilient having survived harsh living conditions before he was rescued by the group. Come meet this sweet boy and we think you will agree--he checks all the boxes!

Look at that--Scottie is 100% Greyhound--and might we add--100% Love! He's had it kind of rough. It's possible he was not tattooed, but meant to race. There were lots of issues around the time he was born, possibly in 2019-2020. His front legs have odd "confirmation" and he may have been run too hard at a young age when he wasn't developmentally ready for that. We think he will do well in a laid-back home, going on short walks, and lounging in a nice yard to soak up the sun. He's a lovely Greyhound!

Willie is 16-weeks old in these picture. He's growing fast! We predict he will be 80 or more pounds when he reaches maturity. Greyhound puppies are delightful--a bit of work--but worth it! They will be your life-long companion. You can train and nurture them and show them the world. It's so unusual to get Greyhound/Sight-hound puppies--don't miss out on this one. He's fun and very outgoing. Willie needs a family to share their love and lives with him.