Daisy is in foster care and recovering from surgery to repair her broken left front leg. We expect she will be available for adoption sometime during January, 2021.

Ringo is young--possibly only 2-3 years old. He has a fun spirit and loves to run in the turn-out yard. He is battling a skin infection that is responding to the prescribed medications. If he continues to improve--he will be move-in ready by mid-November. He is good on the leash and does not exhibit a high prey drive in the kennel environment. He does have a high play drive!




Doc was neglected and in an abusive situation. He has shown some improvement-but still struggles in new situations. Are you patient and willing to bring him out of his shell? You will never regret helping this lovely young dog and he will be your lifelong friend. Doubtful cat and small dog safe. He will do best with a fenced yard. Available immediately for adoption.





Peyton is young and was rescued after a dramatic rescue, in Lubbock. He is tentative in new situations. His prey drive seems to be on the lower side. He would thrive with a person or family that can spend time with him and build up his confidence. He is so sweet and loving! Peyton is immediately available for adoption.


Beckett is in a loving, foster home. For now, she is considered "foster with intent". We will keep you posted!


Charlie was bred to race and she suffered from a serious injury that has healed up; but she cannot race. She has been pre-adopted and will move to her new home on November 7th.

Mercury was rescued off the streets of Lubbock by a caring citizen. He is moving to foster care mid-November and should be ready for adoption during December. Our impression is that he has a low prey drive, is easy-going, and very affectionate. We will keep you posted...


Harper is a love-bug. She is battling 2 types of tick fever and we hope she can have her spay in Mid-November. As soon as she recovers from her spay, she will be available for adoption.

Charlotte HAS BEEN PRE-ADOPTED-she is 3-5 years old and in good health. She has a healthy prey drive-we believe she once hunted coyotes. This trait is our main concern with placing her. Good on the leash, athletic, and beautiful! Contact us today--she is fantastic!

Freedom is doing well--he had his second heartworm treatment on September 24. He should be ready to move in around December 1st, if you'd like to adopt him. He responds well to love and reassurance since Freedom is still a bit unsure in new situations. We think he has a medium prey drive and would not mind being an only dog. He is lovely and will make a good companion.

Boston has been pre-adopted. She is recovering from injuries that occurred while she was out loose as a stray.

Dylan was also in an abusive situation. He is trying so hard to be brave and strong! Dylan is in good health. We think he might be okay with smaller dogs, possibly cats, too. He is so lovely and needs a loving person or family to call his own. At only 3-4 years old-his whole future lies ahead! Immediately available for adoption...