Scout was in our rescue kennel for thirteen days. We weren't surprised when he was adopted very quickly. He was relinquished by a local hunter who had sold him to a person in Wyoming--that person was using him as a "hunter" and he returned him to the breeder because he couldn't run as far or as fast as the other dogs in his pack. Scout couldn't keep up because has some issues with his feet.  On appearance they look flat--all of them are involved so this told us it was not due to old injuries--realizing that the injuries could not have affected all of his feet. An immune disorder was not identified as the cause of the appearance of his feet--although Greyhounds can develop these. One thing is for sure--running for miles and hunting on frozen ground in cold conditions was a poor lifestyle for this sweet boy. We walked him and let him run in the turn-out pen. He never limped and gave no signs of being in pain. The best thing for him is not running miles on end and keeping his nails shorter with a dremel tool--oh and living in a warm home with a loving family--that's important, too!

Scout will turn three this year. He's a wonderful Greyhound. Full of love; very affectionate, and outgoing. He is great on the leash, rides well in the car, and is easy to manage. Steve and Kelley recognized that he was the perfect dog for them and they promptly took him home! Scout has moved to McCamey, TX and we couldn't be happier.