Dave and Joy Jones adopted Minuet! She is helping them at their doggy daycare and boarding business--Your Petspace, in Las Cruces--check it out!

Tula's foster family has adopted her!

Bella was rescued in the farming area north of Lubbock. She had been abandoned by "hunters" and had a muzzle on. She was bred to race--here's the link to her background. Bella was adopted by Tim and Cathy, and their shy Greyhound-Charlie.

Slatex Cadillac--a racing legend has retired and lives in Lubbock with the Cortez family.

Patrick got adopted by Donna and Greg on Thanksgiving Day!

Pat adopted Lulu. Lucky Lulu lives in the Texas Hill Country and will be an only dog. Pat helped us start APFUG in 2007.

Kent and Kelsey adopted Henry--he's their first dog--how cool is that?

Renee, and her Whippet-Max adopted Brooks!!

Slatex Salsa was in foster care and doing well--and then her foster Mom, Sidney, decided to adopt her!

Firefox got adopted by the same family that adopted the group's very first puppy--here's a link to that sweet story and tribute.

The Millers, from Odessa, adopted Red Hot and she has a funny Greyhound bro' named Hawkeye!

Jetta is Sirius' litter-mate and was recently adopted and now lives in El Paso!

Chelsea got adopted and moved to El Paso. She lives with Jetta and the Wiggs family.

Duke was renamed Zephyr and now lives in El Paso!

Marcus and Laura adopted Marty on the "Eve of Christmas Eve"! Marty is 50% Saluki and 50% Greyhound.

Lila got adopted by Josh and Emily, in Abilene, TX.

Ziva is one of the most challenging dogs we have rescued. Practically feral when we got her, very untrusting, and slow to come around. Then to top that off--she escaped from her foster home and was missing for two weeks! Now-she's landed in paradise with Gary, Janet and their Greyhound-Roxie!

Shawn adopted Dash!

Steven and Kelley adopted Scout--happy, happy!

Jerry Thompson adopted Alice!

Wes and Tiffany adopted Guinness--after all, Guinness is good for you!!

Frankie got adopted by his foster family!

Bob adopted Sammy and they live in the mountains of New Mexico!

Sheriff Grady got adopted and moved to Seminole, TX. He is an only dog and eight years old.

Boris--the happy hound in the middle of the pic has had a very good year--not only did he battle and defeat a heartworm infection--he got adopted by Jack-the Greyhound and the White's that live in Midland!

Cardi got adopted by Mike and Baqia on May 28 and moved to ABQ!

Tory was renamed (Tiger) Lily. She promptly adopted the Matthews' family and they promptly lost a couch!

Karma got adopted by her foster family--Robin and Danny Holder!

Minami adopted Lucas and renamed him-Atlas!

Ava got adopted and moved to Midland and lives with Ash--the Whippet.

Celeste insisted that her family adopt Coby--how adorable!

Jim was renamed Atticus and moved to ABQ!

Sirius--a full-blooded Greyhound relinquished by hunters--GREYT NEWS--Sirius has been adopted!

Slatex Amelia got adopted and moved to Midland to live with her new family--The Thomas's.

We are so happy to have found homes for all of these sweet dogs since the first of the year! Isn't it time you adopted your very own 45-mph Couch Potato?