Sadly, we learned that another sighthound had been dumped and this time it was in Nolan County that neighbors Mitchell County. With the rescue of Lila--ten dogs have been found out loose in the two-county area. Hopefully, one day we will discover their origins and possibly be able to put a stop to this senseless and inhumane treatment.

Lila is young--only about a year-old. Residents in the small town of Blackwell, TX were caring for her. A family that had taken on the bulk of the responsibility moved away and we were contacted and asked to take her into our adoption program. Lila's DNA is interesting--37.5% Greyhound, 25% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12.5% Irish Wolfhound, 12.% Whippet, and 12.5% Mixed Breed.

After only 3 weeks in foster care, Lila moved to Abilene, TX and her new "foster with intent" family decided to adopt her in a very short time. Fantastic. Lovely Lila has a forever home!