Recommended reading about Greyhounds and tips for acclimating, training, and managing your new dog

Branigan, Cynthia A., Adopting the Racing Greyhound, 3rd Edition, 2003

Livingood, Lee, Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies, 2002.

McConnell, Patricia B. and London, Karen B., Love Has No Age Limit:  Welcoming an Adopted Dog Into Your Home, 2011.

Horwitz, Debra and Ciribassi, John (Editors), Decoding your Dog, 2014

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Blythe, Linda L., Gannon, James R., Craig, A. Morrie, and Fegan, Desmond P., Care of the Retired and Racing

Greyhound, 2007. Published by the American Greyhound Council. Order at this link

Refer to this site for health issues. It's written by Dr. Suzanne Stack. Follow the link      

Learn from others and their experiences with Greyhounds online with Greytalk

The following blog by Maria Cecelia Sternzon is helpful and provocative for families with children. Click on the link for Crates and Cribs

The following guide is a good one for any sigthhound--especially those that were bred to race. Follow this link

Explore your Greyhound's background at this link which shows the pedigree of all Greyhounds that are registered to race. It is also a good source if you are able to read the Greyhound's ear tattoos to determine their age and background. If your Greyhound raced--it will give you bragging rights or not--showing the racing history of the retired Greyhound.

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