Deductable Expenses for Foster Homes and Volunteers

The IRS allows the following expenses as deductable from one's personal tax return.  In order to receive the deduction---a letter from the organization must be provided before the April 15 tax-filing deadline.  The expenses must equal or exceed $250 in order to qualify for this exemption.

Supplies for foster dogs--food, medicine, pet dishes, crates, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, paper towels, laundry detergent, bedding, toys, and training aids.

Travel--to and from animal shelters, veterinarian visits, meetings, fundraisers, meet and greets, and to and from transporting a dog to their new home.

Car costs--either deduct the cost of gas and oil or file a claim for standard mileage rate--which is currently fourteen cents per mile.  Parking fees and tolls for bridges and/or highways may also be claimed. 


I HEREBY AGREE to take care of the foster Greyhound that has been placed temporarily in my care.  I agree to bring the foster Greyhound to meet and greets as needed by A Place for Us Greyhound Rescue and Adoption (APFUG), if necessary.  I will allow potential adopters to view or meet the foster Greyhound at my home. (This is strictly at the foster parent's convenience.)

All veterinarian care for the foster Greyhound will be the responsibility of APFUG, unless such injury or illness is due to carelessness or neglect on my part.  Upon injury or illness, I agree to notify APFUG immediately for further instructions. I realize I may be asked to provide transport to and/or from the veterinary clinic at a specified time.  I agree to keep my foster Greyhound up-to-date on preventative medications such as heartworm preventative and tick/flea control treatments.  By signing this agreement, I am agreeing that my personal pets are kept up-to-date with their immunizations and preventatives.  It is highly recommended that the family's personal pets are immunized for Bordatella.

I agree to stay in touch with APFUG at all times while the foster Greyhound is in my possession.  I also agree to return the foster Greyhound upon request.

I further agree that by signing this Greyhound Fostering Agreement, I am releasing APFUG and its representatives from any and all damages and all injuries that may occur as a result of my providing housing for this foster Greyhound.

FAQ's about Fostering for APFUG

1. Persons that are interested in fostering and that have not fostered for APFUG in the past, are asked to complete an adoption application.  Persons who have already adopted from APFUG are exempt from completing an application and scheduling a home visit.

In some cases, foster families decide to adopt their foster dog and undergoing the formal adoption process will meet adoption requirements.  For anyone interested in fostering a Greyhound--the completed adoption application serves to provide necessary and pertinent information so that the home may be approved to foster for APFUG.  Home visits are part of the application process to foster and adopt from APFUG.

2. Persons that are fostering for APFUG must live in Lubbock. This requirement is necessary so that the dog is accessible for potential adopters to meet and assuring that the dog is available to attend scheduled adoption events.  Dogs with special needs may be authorized to live in foster homes that are not in the immediate vicinity of the active adoption groups and this will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

3. The "Fostering Agreement" outlines the responsibilities for the foster home and also for the adoption group.  This form is signed at the time that the foster dog moves into the home and after the approval process is completed. 

4.  The option to "foster with intent" is no longer available.

5.  If you are interested in fostering a dog that is recovering from an illness, surgery, or injury--please contact us so that we may keep you in mind as these situations arise.  The recovery phases have been anywhere from two weeks to three months.  The management issues could involve monitoring and giving medications, crate rest, activity restrictions, etc.