The outing at the park was lots of fun and thanks so much to Roxanne McDaniel for the wonderful pics. I am posing with Duke to help demonstrate how tall he is. I am 5'9" and as you can see--he's a big boy! He is 33 inches tall at the shoulder and his neck is 20 inches. Wow-what a hound!!

DNA results--37.5% Irish Wolfhound, 25% Borzoi, 12.5% Greyhound, 12.5% Scottish Deerhound, and 12.5% mixed breed.


Duke has been so patient and has done very well in the kennel these past several weeks. He gained twenty pounds--yes, he's 98 pounds. But you would never know it on leash walks--he is very manageable. His new owner and family will need to be aware of any small animals when they are out on walks. Also, he runs very well--keeping pace with his human walking or running just beside them. One does feel very secure with this dog due to his size and the closeness he feels to humans. He does seem to have a keen prey drive. We do not think he will be safe with cats and smaller dogs. He should be okay with kids and is a true people-pleaser--wanting affection and attention from everyone that he sees!

Update--Duke's new name is Zephyr. He got adopted and moved to El Paso where is has made lots of progress. We are so thrilled that he is now recognized as a "therapy dog". Oh and he's got a sweet Great Dane girlfriend that's named Temptest. From recent reports--they are both really enjoying their new lives!