Meet one of the coolest dogs we have placed into our adoption program. She was one of the four dogs that were rescued from Colorado City, TX in April. Thankfully, the family that adopted Celeste have taken her into their home and she is in foster care. 

Cheyenne is great on the leash, house-trained, and easy to manage. She has an interesting DNA Profile that indicates a background that is 62.5 percent Greyhound; 12.5 percent Mastiff; and 25 percent mix-breed that is predominated by sight hound breeds. 

Oh wow--Cheyenne went swimming at Buffalo Springs--she and Celeste swam for about 20 minutes and she was a show-off demonstrating that she can jump off of the dock! Most of the Greyhounds in our adoption program are not natural swimmers--she asked us to see if anyone with a pool needs an extra hound? How funny!!

Cheyenne got adopted and lives in Clovis, NM. She's still shy but gets lots of love and adoration. So happy....