Chelsea is the funniest and cutest dog you will ever meet! She has been pre-adopted and will move to sunny El Paso where she will live with Jetta--another Greyhound. The group has helped Chelsea this past summer as she was abandoned at an animal shelter after being adopted in Carlsbad, diagnosed with and treated for hypothyroidism, and has been treated for a skin condition. Through all of the ups and downs--this sweet dog reigns supreme in the love and personality department!

Chelsea was one of the four dogs that were rescued in Mitchell County, Texas. At the time of her rescue she was pretty scarred up and also had a breast tumor. She recovered completely and is enjoying her new life. We were curious about her heritage and her DNA results were--37.5% Greyhound; 12.5% Irish Wolfhound; 12.5 % American Staffordshire Terrier; and 25% mix predominately sight hound breeds...if there were such a test--she would be 100% LOVE!!