APFUG reserves the right to reject any application that is deemed unsuitable and in most cases, a follow-up letter or email will be sent to the applicant outlining why they were rejected.

.It's very important that you complete each field and answer each question. When the form is properly submitted and on its way in cyberspace--it will disappear from your screen and in the area where top of the form was--a small message will advise you that you will hear from us within a certain time-frame. 

Thanks so much for your interest in adopting from our group!

Please review the conditions of adopting a Greyhound/sighthound from APFUG. A home visit is scheduled as soon as possible after the form is received. In some cases, additional home visits by an APFUG representative may be required.

The adoption fee is $200. In cases where the Greyhound is older than 7-years or has special needs, a discounted rate will be extended.  Fees are payable by personal check, cash, or in advance via Paypal.  The adoption fee is collected whenever the Greyhound is delivered to their new home. An adoption agreement is also signed at this time.

For persons that live in an area that does not have an active APFUG chapter or volunteers--additional requirements may be imposed such as: payment of the fee before the Greyhound is transported, arrangement and/or cooperation regarding transport of the Greyhound, additional references, permission to contact the family's veterinarian, photos of property, and payment of a monetary fee--not included with the adoption fee--to offset the time and expenses required to process the application and set up transportation.