Tina, adopted 2023

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Seriously Committed to Finding Homes for Greyhounds!

Our Mission--APFUG

A An elegant breed in need of help and support in finding a forever home and family

P People who care about Greyhounds taking action to assure that every dog entrusted to their care has a promising and secure

F Future of...

U Unconditional love and hope, a

G Greyt outcome!!


How and What We Do

A Place for Us Greyhound Rescue has had recognition as a 501c3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization since 1997. In 2022, 98% of its revenue provided direct care for Greyhounds under their custody. The group is manned completely by unpaid volunteers.

APFUG considers every interested applicant. Lubbock serves as the group's central location. The adoption fee is $200 unless otherwise stated.

APFUG is happy to provide assistance with dogs that were bred to hunt small prey and discovered in perilous situations. We consider any dogs bred to hunt and not-tattoed as Lurchers. The Lurchers under our care are predominantly Sight-hounds and DNA-testing to verify their heritage.

APFUG is on record as having a "neutral" stance on the issue of Greyhound racing.

APFUG does not expect to acquire any dogs that were bred to race since the racetracks have closed, and will not pursue shipping dogs from out-of-the country.

NEVER SAY NEVER...We were asked to help 4 ex-racers from Australia. Bromley is still available--adopt an Aussie today!