Chancy was adopted by Vanessa Gunn--our director in the Permian Basin. Vanessa and her family are counting on Chancy to carry on the legacy of his brother--Whistler--who recently passed away at the age of 14.

Frederick is the Cavazos family's only dog and he's having a blast!

Sabine, in the front is happy to have a new sis'--Marley. They live in Corrales with the Gould's. Marley raced as Slatex Magesium--Sabine was adopted from the New Mexico GPA group.

Sarah adopted Winston!

Max, the lovely black Borzoi/Saluki hound is resting on his new bro', Rowan. Max got adopted by a wonderful family and now lives in Georgia!

Heidi got adopted by the Kenner's from Odessa!

Harry got adopted by Naomi and James. He's living in Las Cruces and is the family's first Greyhound!

Scout got adopted by Nathan and Holly--they live near Lubbock and are fostering Nala.

Gracie moved to Lubbock and was adopted by avid fans of the breed--David and Peggy Abbott.

The Saenz family--Renee and Evelyn adopted Nala. Princess Nala lives in El Paso. They also adopted Ranger who is pictured below.

Patch got adopted and moved to El Paso! Outstanding...

Ginger Peanut was adopted by her foster family--The Bilbrey's

Ranger is not a Greyhound--to read his story-follow the link

Marissa got adopted by Kathie, Randall, and Adelaide--they live in the ABQ area and have lots of Greyhound experience and plenty of love to give to this retired racer.

Floyd was adopted by the Lucci's and lives in Rio Rancho