Bongo isn't as outgoing as Ellie--he's the "quiet and silent" type. He is coming around and has finally started to respond to petting and affection from the volunteers at the kennel. He and Ellie were from the same household--and their age is similar. Bongo's DNA was 62.5% Greyhound, and about 37.5% Saluki. He is compact--weighing about 54 pounds. Bongo has had his dental and neuter and he is move-in ready! He took antibiotics for Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis and is in very good health. We haven't tested him with small dogs or cats--but we are able to set that up.

This pic captures the essence of Ellie! She has a puppy-ish attitude. We estimate her age at only 2-3 years old. She's sassy--and will bark at all the dogs as they walk by her kennel. She's fun and loves to run. And--when you least expect it; Ellie comes right up to you and puts her paws on the bench--waiting for you to hug her! And of course you comply--she's just that sweet. We are happy to test Ellie with small dogs and/or cats. Her DNA results are--87.5% Greyhound, and 12.5% Saluki.

Come out to meet her--and give her a hug!!

Ellie and Bongo were both rescued from the Tulia Animal Shelter. There has been a terrible problem with Greyhounds bred to hunt and owned by at least three families that live there. Tulia's Animal Control Officer is a very nice and hard-working individual dedicated to overcoming many obstacles in order to help these neglected Greyhounds and Lurchers. In the past--APFUG has rescued the following dogs that had origins in Tulia--Tula, Milo, Tessa, Odin, Emma, Winston, Heidi, Bongo, Dottie, and Ellie. Greyhound Adoption League of Texas has helped out with the dogs from Tulia and in the past and has committed to continue to do so. They have rescued over 50 dogs from there--most recently Sheriff and Deputy. APFUG is grateful to GALT for their help and support--it has turned out to be such a vast problem that it will take more than one group to adequately address it.