Greg and Donna adopted Patrick on Thanksgiving Day--forgive the pun--but we are so thankful!!

Slatex Cadillac--a legend among racers has retired. She's in foster care--arriving there just before the first freeze. Lovely, lovely--and how cool is this tidbit--Slatex Hang Seng is her son. wow! A local family is interested in adopting her--we will keep you posted!

Based on their DNA results; Margaret and Winston are litter mates. Both of them were at a "high kill" shelter in a town north of Lubbock. Margaret weighs 43 pounds and Winston weighs 58 pounds. They are lots of fun!

Winston and Margaret are only 1-2 years old. Margaret is in foster care and adjusting very well. She is cat-tolerant.

We are looking for a foster or forever home for Winston. Please make an appointment to come and meet him.


Click on the links to review their background on

Available soon--Marty. A Saluki/Greyhound mix that was relinquished at the Odessa Animal Shelter. He is very young and sweet.

Clearly, Lloyd is enjoying himself in his foster home. He gets along well with the pack, is enjoying going on walks, and has figured out the doggy door! He has not been tested with cats. Lloyd is only 2-3 years old and was rescued from the animal shelter, earlier this year. His DNA is 62.5% Greyhound and 37.5% Saluki.

We have not tested Lloyd with cats-he lives with Whippets and Greyhounds in his foster home.


Here is an updated pic of  Slatex Hang Seng

in his foster home. He's doing very well and adjusting quickly to living in a home. His new nickname is Harry! GREYT NEWS-Harry has been pre-adopted!


Patrick was rescued from a terrible situation in Panhandle, TX. He, along with two other Greyhounds, were abandoned by a family that had acquired them to hunt with. He is the only survivor. His birthday is July 16, 2014.  We have no idea why he was in the panhandle of Texas. Patrick is a special needs dog--his antigen test was positive for a heartworm infection. We strongly believe that he is in the early stages of this disease and we have already started his treatment. Despite all of these hardships--he is a marvelous dog with a winning personality and full of love and happiness. 

Here is the link to his background.We were finally able to read his tattoos.

Click on the image to Vote for the Greyhounds--Contest ends December 10th. Grants such as this one keep our adoption fees reasonable and affordable-Please Help!

NEWSFLASH--Chelsea has been adopted and now lives in El Paso!

  Tula's DNA is 62.5% Greyhound, 12.5% Scottish Deerhound, 12.5% Borzoi, and 12.5% mixed breed. wow! TULA has been adopted by her foster family!

New name and new address for this sweet dog! Hogtech Polka is now known as Ginger Peanut. She is adjusting to her new foster home--thanks so much to her foster family--the Bilbrey's. 


Watch Cadillac win a race--she's number five!


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