Clearly, Lloyd is enjoying himself in his foster home. He gets along well with the pack, is doing well on walks, and has "almost" figured out the doggy door. He has not been tested with cats. Lloyd is only 2-3 years old an was rescued from the animal shelter earlier this year. His DNA is 62.5% Greyhound and 37.5% Saluki.

Amelia is 2-years old and in Here's the link to her background. She is a full-blooded Greyhound that was not suited to racing.  UPDATE--AMELIA HAS BEEN ADOPTED AND HAS MOVED TO MIDLAND. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR HER AND HER NEW FAMILY--THE THOMAS'S.

Lucas was bred to hunt. He is a full-blooded Greyhound and only 1-2 years old. He is at our kennel and needs a foster home or forever home. Lucas is good on the leash. We plan to formally test him with cats and miniature-sized dogs. Lucas does show evidence of a pretty healthy prey drive on walks if he sees a rabbit--but we plan to test him to be sureHe should be okay with children. He has a loving and lively spirit.

Racing School Drop-outs looking for homes---

GREYT NEWS--Melody has been adopted!

She is pictured with her new family--Joy and Dave Jones that live in Las Cruces and also are the owners of a very cool dog boarding/daycare business Your PetSpace--check it out!

Chelsea has been re-rescued. She was among the group we had gotten from Mitchell County in 2016. She was recently abandoned and relinquished from her adoptive home through no fault of her own. Chelsea is 5-6 years old. We do not believe that she can live with cats; but is fine with all sizes of dogs. Her temperament is fun and goofy--she is very outgoing!

Ahh-ha! Chelsea's thyroid wasn't working well and after less than one month on replacement--she is losing weight, feeling happy and energetic, and her thin coat is filling in.  We are so happy to finally understand her medical issues. A big thanks to Dr. Chattin at Live Oak for helping us with her medicalneeds.  Since Chelsea's health has improved--she is now available for adoption or foster care--please contact us if you are interested!

Tula is in foster care--she is making slow, steady, and gradual improvement. House trained, crate trained, and doing well on leash walks; she loves her toys. Tula should not live as an only dog--she is immature in many ways--we think her puppy-hood was pretty awful. She has some sweet quirks--she likes to "pet" other dogs--it is so endearing. She has not been tested with cats or small dogs.  Tula's DNA is 62.5% Greyhound, 12.5% Scottish Deerhound, 12.5% Borzoi, and 12.5% mixed breed. wow!

Boris, a Whippet/Huskey mix, is receiving  treatment for heartworm and will not be available for adoption until he recovers. The White's that reside in Midland, and adopted their Greyhound--Jack from us in 2013, have pre-adopted Boris--Wonderful news!! Boris is very young and we are so happy to help him overcome this terrible disease. He has had his 3 doses of treatment and will be retested on Sept. 2--his treatment is following the guidelines from the American Heartworm Society which and are backed by research and excellent results. For more information about Heartworm infections, treatment, and prevention--follow this link.

Ziva got loose from a foster home and was missing for 2 weeks. Follow this link to read about her exciting rescue.  We have nicknamed her Houdini. As soon as we figure out a safe home setting for her--we would like to place her. UPDATE--Ziva has moved to a "foster with intent" home--we will keep you posted. We are so happy and thrilled....


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