Patrick has not been tested for safety with cats and small dogs

Based on their DNA results, similar size, companionability, and familiarity--we do believe that Margaret and Winston are litter mates. Both of them were at a "high kill" shelter a town north of Lubbock. We will send more pics soon--Margaret weighs 43 pounds and Winston weighs 58 pounds. They are lots of fun!

Winston and Margaret are only 1-2 years old. They are lively and fun! Both of them are healthy and at our rescue kennel. A big thanks to Lonnie and Marian Jones for helping transport them to us. The DNA results are in! Take a look.


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Probablyokay with small dogs--unknown regarding cat safety.

Clearly, Lloyd is enjoying himself in his foster home. He gets along well with the pack, is doing well on walks, and has figured out the doggy door! He has not been tested with cats. Lloyd is only 2-3 years old and was rescued from the animal shelter, earlier this year. His DNA is 62.5% Greyhound and 37.5% Saluki.

Slatex Firefox got adopted and has moved to his home in ABQ. Follow the link to learn more about his family and how they were involved in our group from its inception.

We have not tested Lloyd with cats-he lives with Whippets and Greyhounds in his foster home.


The photos of Slatex Hang Seng did not turn out well. He's a lovely black Greyhound and not suited to race. He was named after the Chinese Stock Market--we are pretty sure we will change his name, too. He needs a foster or forever home


One greyhound remains at the farm--please contact us if you would like to adopt or foster Slatex Hang Seng.

Patrick was rescued from a terrible situation in Panhandle, TX. He, along with two other Greyhounds, were abandoned by a family that had acquired them to hunt with. He is the only survivor. His ear tattoos indicate that he was born in July, 2014. Patrick is a special needs dog--his antigen test was positive for a heartworm infection. We have reason to believe that is in the early stage have already started his treatment. He is in our rescue kennel and not available for adoption at this time. We will keep you posted.

Tula has not been tested for her reaction to cats and small dogs.

Chelsea is ready to move in to your home--she's playful, fun, and healthy. She's done very well in her foster home--not only mastering the doggy door but teaching the other dogs how to use it. Her thyroid was sluggish causing her to lose hair and gain weight. She is well adjusted on her current replacement therapy which involves two pills, daily.

Chelsea is not a full-blooded Greyhound--her DNA results are: 50% Greyhound, 12.5% Irish Wolfhound, 12.5% American Staffordshire Terrier, and 25% Mixed Breed. We believe she was bred to hunt pigs and was rescued with the pack of dogs that were dumped in Mitchell County, in 2016. Chelsea's adoption rate will be discounted and she will also come with a 3-month supply of thyroid medications. 

Tula is in foster care--she is making slow, steady, and gradual improvement. House trained, crate trained, and doing well on leash walks; she loves her toys. Tula should not live as an only dog--she is immature in many ways--we think her puppy-hood was pretty awful. She has some sweet quirks--she likes to "pet" other dogs--it is so endearing. She has not been tested with cats or small dogs.  Tula's DNA is 62.5% Greyhound, 12.5% Scottish Deerhound, 12.5% Borzoi, and 12.5% mixed breed. wow!

New name and new address for this sweet dog! Hogtech Polka is now known as Ginger Peanut. She is adjusting to her new foster home--thanks so much to her foster family--the Bilbrey's. 



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