Lubbock Greyhounds

Racing into Your Heart


Welcome to the homepage of A Place for Us Greyhounds, Adoption & Rescue. Come on in, stay awhile, look around, meet the hounds, and the people dedicated to finding appropriate pet homes for Greyhounds from all walks of life, regardless of registry, the retired racing dogs as well as those that never set foot on a track.

WE ARE STILL IN BUSINESS!! Our New Year's Resolution is to re-vamp our web page. But in the meantime, we are a 501c3 Organization that finds homes for retired racing Greyhounds as well as Greyhounds that are found to be in perilous situations such as in animal shelters or out loose as strays.  Our main location is in Lubbock, TX but we have a thriving and active group in Midland/Odessa.  We have placed over 200 Greyhounds--some of them more than once as we are dedicated to taking care of the dogs we place even if it doesn't work out. We are open to adopting out-of-town in certain circumstances. 


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