Lubbock Greyhounds

Racing into Your Heart

Racing into your heart


Welcome to the homepage of A Place for Us Greyhounds, Adoption & Rescue. Come on in, stay awhile, look around, meet the hounds, and the people dedicated to finding appropriate pet homes for Greyhounds from all walks of life, regardless of registry, the retired racing dogs as well as those that never set foot on a track.


A Place For Us Greyhounds is a 501(c)3 organization that originated in New Mexico and headed East for a little more excitement. We are a group of volunteers in the Lubbock area who have a goal of finding loving homes for Greyhounds who are retired racers or other Greyhounds needing a new home.


We are pleased to announce our newest addition--"A Place for Us Greyhounds" has an active group in the Midland and Odessa area.  The group has regular Meet and Greets and has participated in several community activities.  Most importantly, they have found loving homes for many Greyhounds since their inception.

We established APFUG to provide individuals and families who are interested in Greyhound adoption the resources and support needed to assist in their decision. It is advantageous to maintain close relationships with those concerned about the well-being of the Greyhounds--as a group of volunteers function to help each other in times of need and celebrate together when there are successes.


APFUG's offers support and education to new as well as experienced Greyhound owners. We remain neutral in the Greyhound racing debate to focus on the placement of Greyhounds into loving homes. The members of APFUG have several years of collective Greyhound experience and we are eager to share our greyt experiences and knowledge with you.